Worldwide icon,

record-setting artist,

and award-winning

musician, Yoshiki,

lives a life of

glamour and fame.

His dedication to his music and millions of fans is second 

to none, and with the launch of a massive world tour, he is set to further cement his status as a global superstar.

Unknown to Yoshiki, destiny has other plans.

For thousands of years, a great power has been lost – dormant, it lays in wait for a champion worthy of its gifts.

Now, as dark forces gather for an epic assault on the world of man, a warrior will rise and the might of the Blood Red Dragon will be reborn. Haunted by a melody of surprising, almost mystical beauty, Yoshiki unwittingly summons the ancient power of the Blood Red Dragon, a guardian creature who millennia ago defeated the dark forces of oblivion. 

With the musical heart of the world – the very essence of life itself – slowly being destroyed by

agents of oblivion’s villainous will, it falls

upon Yoshiki and the force that rests

within him to ultimately stand between

humanity and total annihilation.