Yoshiki (Lead – Human Form)

Yoshiki is a musician driven by his love for his craft and his passion for creating a musical experience that connects with his audience on a level that combines the sheer magnitude of pure, unadulterated rock n’ roll with an intimacy and urgency that delivers a personal connection far beyond that of the average artist/audience relationship. 


Blood Red Dragon (Lead – Hero Form)

Channeling powers culled from the very essence of the music he creates, worldwide icon Yoshiki manifests the awesome might of an ancient force known as the Blood Red Dragon. A good man, with a noble heart, as the Blood Red Dragon Yoshiki will be tested 

beyond the limits of human comprehension as he battles the relentless onslaught of oblivion’s

armies while also attempting to control the

power growing inside of him. 


Tracy Spence (Female Lead)

Tracy is Yoshiki’s biggest fan and Head of the International Yoshiki Fan Club (IYFC). 

Her passion for Yoshiki includes traveling the

globe to see his many shows and charitable performances, running the IYFC’s website and

chat rooms, publishing an online Yoshiki

newsletter, and knowing the words to all of

his songs – even those that haven’t been



However, in a world

that has become a battleground for forces

beyond comprehension, there may be more

to Tracy’s devotion to Yoshiki than simple 

fandom. Whether she is an ally, an agent

of oblivion, or just another groupie remains 

to be seen, but with the fate of the world

hanging in the balance, Tracy’s true 

purpose will shift the balance of power

for either good or evil. 


Lord of Oblivion (Villain – Behind-the-

Scenes) The ruler of the dark oblivion,

a harsh realm that is a twisted

amalgamation of mysticism, and

advanced technologies harvested from

countless ravaged dimensions.

The Lord of Oblivion seeks to conquer

Earth, enslaving humanity in the

process, his end goal: to unmake the

universe, so that it may be re-made in 

his image – a barren, hateful place of pain

and endless suffering. 


Ky’Rann The Slayer (Villain – Main Threat) 

The Lord of Oblivion’s Chief Enforcer, Ky-Rann is a towering warrior who leads the dreaded hordes of oblivion, augmented by infernal technology, Ky’Rann and his soldiers have plundered entire realities in search of the one destined to bring an end to Oblivion’s reign of terror.


Now, at the command of the Lord of Oblivion, Ky’Rann has turned his attention to the Earth and he will stop at nothing until he has crushed the blood red dragon, and delivered the whole of humanity to his Lord and master. 


Hordes of Oblivion (Villains – Foot Soldiers) Dark Priests Prophets and doomsayers who guide the Lord of Oblivion with wisdom gleaned 

from archaic rituals and dark science.



Automatons enhanced with battlefield technology and a hunger for death, oblivion’s 

infantry is meant to overwhelm their enemies with firepower and bloodthirsty rage.



Used for stealth insertions into enemy territory, assassins are masters of murder 

and mayhem-wrecking havoc and spilling blood from the shadows.



Heavily-armored brutes, tanks have one purpose – the total destruction of 

everything in their path. No mercy. No questions. Once set on a path, a tank will not 

waiver from its tank until it has success or it is dead.